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Texas Truck Injury Lawfirm

Texas Oilfield Injury Lawyer Accepting Cases for Injured Victims and Oil & Gas Families

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When you’ve experienced an injury in an oilfield, rig or plant, you must consult Danziger & De Llano, LLP, a personal injury law firm. When injured on an Oil & Gas jobsite, your whole life can change in just a few seconds just because you were involved in an accident. If you’re now struggling with injuries that are physically or mentally painful, we’re here to give you the help that you need.

When you choose us to represent you, you’ll receive personal attention on your case and local representation. We’ll explain your options, provide helpful guidance, and start the process of presenting a case on getting reimbursed for your:

  • Medical treatment and rehabilitative care
  • Lost wages and future lost income
  • Property damage
  • Pain, suffering, and emotional trauma

Whether through filing a claim or a lawsuit, we’ll help you seek money that will compensate you for your injuries. You’ll have a lot to deal with, so let us be your legal support.

Call Danziger & De Llano, LLP, a top National personal injury lawyer, to protect your rights. We’ll give you more information about our services or make an appointment for an at-home consultation.